Go to '/spawn' to recieve what you paid for!

Elysium is a roleplay (Non-PVP) server: All of the items that can be bought on this store are purely aesthetic (e.g. changing into mobs)! Some purchasable spells are also accessable depending on your in-game race from when you first log onto the server; others are simply aesthetically different variations (e.g. making fire rain from the sky instead of a volley of arrows)

Nothing that is bought will give the player an advantage over other players, as skills and spells are not PVP tools and are of visual design.

Elysium also recognises that this store exists to reward people willing to donate to keep the server up, and is very thankful!

Recent donations
Baby Slime • 5.00 GBP
Baby Wolf • 5.00 GBP
Simple Donation • 5.00 GBP
Archer Pack • 9.00 GBP
Set coloured names a • 5.00 GBP